Tressum are faerie cats. They resemble normal house cats, except for the brightly-colored, feathered wings sprouting from just behind their forelegs. They are very intelligent, and delight in jokes and games. However, they are quite shy around creatures they do not know, and until a person’s intentions are clear, they make sure to always have an avenue of escape open. Tressum are herbivores, living entirely on nuts, berries, and roots. Tressum have a deep love of life, and will go to great lengths to keep someone from getting hurt. They use their spell-like abilities for three purposes: to play games, help people, and find food. Charm person is a favorite, as it is wonderful for getting people to do funny things, and keeps them out of fights. Natural Tongue (ex): Tressum have the innate ability to communicate with any animal, beast, magical beast, or fey. Note that they cannot speak to humanoids innately, although they are quite vocal if someone manages to communicate with them.

Tressum avoid combat whenever possible, preferring play to fighting. Their spell-like abilities ensure that they almost never have to fight, and they will do whatever it takes to avoid it. Even in defense of their young, a Tressum will use its abilities to move its offspring to safety, rather than risk leaving it defenseless by getting hurt in a fight.


A tressym is a mischievous winged cat as big as a house cat, with a wingspan of 3 feet. Thought to be the results of wizardly experimentation on house cats, tressym are intelligent and have been known to form strong friendships with humanoids, particularly rangers and wizards. Tressym get along welwith others of their kind, but they rarely lair or hunt together. They peacefully ignore bats, faerie dragons, and the like, but they hate stirges and evil flying monsters such as manticores. They also enjoy teasing dogs. Tressym feed on small rodents, birds, and insects, stalking and pouncing on prey much as normal cats do, but with the added advantage of flight. Tressym don't, however, attack nestlings or despoil eggs. Tressym mate with others of their kind, but they don't mate for life. A tressym can also mate with a normal cat, though only one out of every ten of their offspring will be a tressym; the others will be normal cats. Tressym have good memories, particularly when it comes to danger. For example, a tressym that sees a human use a wand of lightning bolts remembers the danger of "sticks of wood held by humans" for the rest of its life. A lucky, healthy tressym can live to be 20 years old. With the DM's permission, a person who casts the find familiar spell can choose to conjure a tressym instead of a normal cat.


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